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"AUS!™ Unleashed: The Game-Changer in Card Play"

We created a new card game called AUS!™

AUS!™ is a Kemetic acronym and royal greeting that loosely translates to:

"May you have:

Life, Strength and Health"

So, how do you play?

Well, if you know how to play UNO®.

Then you can play AUS!™!

Much like UNO®, AUS!™ also has four colors.

AUS! Color Cards

But unlike UNO®, instead of numbers, AUS!™ cards have images...culturally relevant images.

AUS! Culturally Relevant Images

When playing AUS!™, players:

  • can lose at turn
  • have to pull additional cards or
  • change the direction of gameplay
much like in UNO®.

But unlike UNO®, in AUS!™, players can also [BLOCK] [SHIELD] and [FLIP].

AUS! Block, Shield or Flip cards

And there are more AUS!™ cards that bring even more fun & strategy to the game!

We call these PORTAL CARDS.

AUS! Portal Cards

We will cover these more in future blog posts.

So if you want to know more about how to play AUS!™, join our email list so you are notified when future blog posts are released.



If you have any questions regarding AUS!™ or preordering, just leave it in the comment section below.

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