About Us

MesuRa CREATIONS is an Afra-Kemetic managed Project of Falcon8 Productions, L.L.C., d.b.a. C2O Rhythm & Arts, committed to the preservation & expansion of our Ancestral & cultural history, values & traditions.

We envision a legacy of culturally rooted games, cards, books, toys, (and more...) that inspire, educate & enlighten all who choose to engage.

A’a Sekh Re MesuRa (aka Chi Chi Okonmah)

Co-Founder/Lead Creative Strategist

Ikerty Nehti Ma'at MesuRa (aka Tina Midgette)

Co-Founder/Lead Logistics Strategist

Khepresh en Ntr MesuRa (aka Ronnie Allen)


Mentu Ra Ma’at & Khumyri Ma’at (aka Jamal & Kimberly Hester)

Lead Business & Brand Strategists

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